Muralto Madrid Princesa
28008 Madrid
+34 91 542 44 00

In this page you will be able to choose between several options:

Gift Voucher to stay in any of our apartments all over the year, to use as a gift for you family, friends or to enjoy yourself!

Do your daily work as comfortably as at home from Muralto Madrid Princesa, you will find a friendly work space from 8 am to 8 pm for a flat daily rate.

A monthly subscription with a really competitive rate that includes lodging and buffet breakfast for 3 nights every month, consecutives or not, for a flat rate. 

Urban Long Stay, a 30 consecutive nights special package when you need to live in our city for at least 1 month. Our 42 sqm sized hotel serviced apartments will match your expectations for a monthly flat rate.