Muralto Madrid Princesa
28008 Madrid
+34 91 542 44 00

We are a reference in the hospitality sector in Madrid center for their originality, innovation, level of customer satisfaction and committed to reach a high level of performance, not only in terms of business but regarding the to be a great place to work for our people and at the same time energetically sustainable. To incorporate new technological tools is one of our goals to provide a better experience to our guests and at the same time save time to our staff. Our mission is to create and develop comfortable, safe and accessible spaces to everyone who wants/needs to stay in Madrid for business or leisure, does not matter if it is a single or a family trip.

Muralto Madrid Princesa Aparto Suites values

  • Responsibility and Commitment
  • Enthusiasm
  • Space, location and comfort
  • Communication with you
  • Attention to detail

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • We do colaborate with Colleges and Universities to receive students in practising in order to help them to find an appropiate job.
  • We do recycle paper, toner and printer cartridge.


  • We have made complete renovation of our climatisation system in the whole Muralto Madrid Princesa building. Now each customer can choose their temperature comfort in an independent way and in any season of the year. Also the installation of drinking water has been renewed completely, both hot & cold, reaching a high comfort level. In terms of lighting, all public areas of the building have now LED systems, more efficient and with lower consumption. All these actions are aimed to achieve greater energy efficiency, which has allowed us to raise our energy rating to C-level, and now the building is considered as "Very Efficient".
  • Muralto Madrid Princesa has removed 100% of single-use plastic in all our apartments, public areas and the water for customer consumption in our breakfast and in common areas has 0 kilometers traveled thanks to the use of water filtration fountains. We already comply 9 of the UN SDG's.